Diagnosing APD

Hi it's me again. I am wondering if shouldn't my rheumatologist have done a completed hx on me? She didn't ask me questions I had to show her things based on the fact that I educate myself prior to Appts. I read about Hughes based in my own labs and when she mentioned it she didn't ask me screening questions. Very brief and rushed. Perhaps she's waiting for my 2nd set of confirmation labs?? If not should I be seeking another dr?

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  • Hi there.

    We are not medically trained professionals on this forum and we cannot advise you on the medical and diagnostic management of your condition. Please understand, as we have advised you previously, you must discuss all of these specific issues that you have raised, today, with your Drs.


  • Thank you for your reply.

    I have sent you a private message.


  • I have a fantastic rheumy. However, it is best just to answer his questions and let him decide. He once told me that he needs to know what is happening to me now. He didnt want to know about past history except what he needs to know as with APS and SLE it can get intertwined and lost.

    I have got on so much better with him. Just go to GP if really worried and write a list of questions you wish to ask the medics and when you next see them just ask. Regards Diane

  • I agree with Dave,

    I suggest you see a Specialist of APS! I can not do more than give you that good advice!


  • Antibody blood levels rise and fall in everybody, which is why a diagnosis relies on positives separated by several weeks. But I know that seeing a positive result can be seen as a life line to grab onto in a dark, stormy sea. Except sometime it's not. Are you scheduled for a repeat blood test in some weeks?

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