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Lloyds the chemist who i would normally get my medication from 'can not' supply the Hydroxicloriquine ( plaquenil ) that is now produced by a company called Zentiva.

Boots the chemist can order it in through there supplier Alliance Health Care.

Ask your supplier to make sure the product is made by Zentiva due to the fact plaquinil will no longer be on the box.

As long as the medication has Zentiva brand on the box you can be sure the medication is exactly the same as the plaquenil.

For those like myself, unlike some of the other generics that give us Gi problems it is best to stick with what has suited us in the past ( Plaquenil ) :-)

The pharmacist at boots or any other private chemist other than Lloyds can ring 08448544977 for further advice on how to order the Zentiva brand.

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I am a Lloyds Pharmacist - they just need to phone Alliance directly and order the generic product by name! We all have an Alliance account.

Thanks for the phone number though.


Glad the number is of help to you. I am now very confused because my pharmacist at Lloyds are telling me they do not order in from alliance health care, she went on to tell me if they did place an order with them they would be charged £500.............your guess is as good as mine on this one.

It makes me ask if you can obtain the drug why cant my local Lloyds do the same ? At least Boots have managed to get the product in for me. :-)


Which branch are you using? I will check with Unichem/Alliance on Tuesday if you likeand get code.


I have spoken to the wholesaler and manufacturer and the Zentiva brand is unavailable at the moment from the manufacturer. We currently have no date for availability. I will keep you updated.


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