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Hi all,

PLAQUENIL has now been sold to another company, pharmacies can no longer supply this drug.

Plaquenil was made by a company called SANOFI who have sold the drug to a company called Zentiva, the drug is still being produced but is no longer called plaquenil.

My chemist has managed to get the drug for me from the new company ' ZENTIVA '.

If you are lucky enough to persuade your chemist to do the same you must make sure the medication prescribed has ZENTIVA on the side of any packaging this ensure's the medication being prescribed is 'exactly' the same as plaquenil.

No longer is plaquenil written on my prescription it is now hydroxycloriquinine but with a bit of detective work from myself and the help of a well known chemist who have contacted the company Zentiva my medication has been reinstated.

Please remember the new med prescribed must have zentiva on the side of the box, if it arrives without this name on the box you are being prescribed a generic with filler's of which i was like many other's unable to tolerate.

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Thanks, yes we announced this the other day on the forum via HSF charity website. MaryF


Thank you I have just written a post on problems with hydroxichloroquine, have been taking the other make

Can't remember the name so will continue on my last post thank you this will be really useful tomorrow


Hi Daisy,

I couldn't get on with the generic hydroxichloroquine, it upset my bowel something chronic, it made me feel so ill.

I have found the plaquenil more gentle on my stomach, i was beginning to feel better on it so you can imagine my disappointment when i heard it had been discontinued.

I will have to take a look at your post to see what it is your taking and if it is of help to you, thankfully i have my med reinstated. :-)

Good luck for tomorrow.


Hi Daisy,

I wasn't sure if i was aloud to put the phone number in a post but take note of it.

This is the number of the company that used to make plaquenil ( 01483505515 ).

If the pharmacy have trouble in locating the new company Zentiva if they phone the number above they will point them in the right direction.

Please remember this med can take months before you get results because it has to build up in your system. Do not do what i did and try and rush it and make yourself worse, even a 1/4 of a tablet if you have trouble tolerating it is better than none.

I had to take a 1/4 three times a week because my stomach was so sore and raw from taking the generic hydroxycloriquine.

I have lupus type symptom's, sjogrens & hughes and this med has lessened the awful attacks i used to suffer.......if i do have one it is not as bad as it used to be.

Dont forget to make notes. Jill x


Just to clarify, I believe the new company is ZENTIVA not Zenita.

I also have stomach issues with the generic brands (have tried two different ones do far). Going to speak with pharmacist today about this and find out how much namebrand Plaquenil they can get their hands on. I'm in the U.S.


Well spotted you are correct, i listed the name incorrect in my post but then answered Daisyd with the correct name Zentiva.

Please put the error down to Aps or it could be the fibro myalgia brain fog, it was one of the two. :-( My error has now been edited.

Please remember it will not be called plaquenil any longer the copy right has been purchased by Zentiva who are producing it under hydroxycloriquine. It will be the name zentiva on the box that will let us know it is not the generic brand.

The generic not only upset my stomach but also my bowel to such an extent i had to have a bowel scan.

I hope your pharmacist can get it in for you

Well spotted

Jill :-)


I understand!! I get brain fog daily and it is frustrating!

We are ALL here to help each other out! :-)

Yes, speaking with pharmacist today. I'm so grateful for this site because otherwise, I would have had no idea what is going on with this medication!

Take care -



Does anyone know if it has the same name in the US. I was asking my pharmacist about this, and he knew nothing.


Hi Ann -

I'm in the U.S. as well.

Been doing research re: Plaquenil and although there WAS a brief shortage in the U.S. for some, that doesn’t appear to be the case anymore.

I went to my pharmacy today and got the package inserts for both the name brand Plaquenil and the recent generic I tried (whose tablets are identical - even stamped 'Plaquenil' - which is very confusing). This generic is causing me stomach/GI issues so I'm going back to the name brand.

According to the generic's package insert, it is manufactured by Prasco Laboratories. The list of ingredients is the same so I have no idea why the generic is giving me issues when the name brand does not. Something is clearly different...perhaps quantities?

Now, according to the insert for the name brand Plaquenil, it is manufactured by Covis Pharma (a Swiss company). Covis acquired the rights to Plaquenil from Sanofi in 2013. In April 2015, Concordia (a German company) acquired the rights to Plaquenil from Covis and plans to continue making it.

So, I then looked at the Concordia website and they list the alternative (generic) form to be Hydroxychloroquine ZENTIVA (which is what everyone on the Health Unlocked had been saying is the identical formulation).

Even though I am currently still able to get the name brand it may be worth my looking into having the pharmacy order Hydroxychloroquine ZENTIVA for me and try that one to see if I have any issues. If it is truly the SAME, I shouldn’t have problems and the cost should be that of a generic (woo hoo!). The only way I will know is to try.

I hope this helps.



Thanks for the info and I'd love to know if you manage to get a hold of it.


Hi Ann -

My pharmacist (at CVS) is looking into it. It wasn't listed in her database of hydroxychloroquine versions to order. It may very well be listed under a different name here in the states. She is having a tech do some research and will get back to me. I do fear that the generic "equivalent" to the Zentiva brand will be the Prasco Labs tablet (which, ironically, looks IDENTICAL to the name brand Plaquenil tablet - even stamped 'Plaquenil'!) which I already have tried and still had stomach issues.

Still holding out hope!



Thanks. That is really strange about the stamp.


Indeed! I had to mark the generic tabs with a food marker so I could be sure not to confuse them with the name brand! How crazy and confusing is that?


My pharmacist has ordered some in for me from the company Zentiva but still awaiting it's arrival, it should be delivered on Thursday.

Fingers, toes every thing crossed. :-)


Hi Jill -

When you get it in, could you let me know what the tablets look like? It might make my pharmacist's search easier.

Good luck!


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