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Another Reason To Think About Cutting Out Gluten

A small US study has concluded that women with Doctor diagnosed Celiac disease are more likely to miscarry or deliver preterm than women with no history of the condition.

Given that there is also a connection between APS and Thyroid disease and a known connection between Thyroid disease and Celiac Disease, you can understand why the above study could be a warning to people with APS wanting successful pregnancies, to cut Gluten out of their diets to give them the best chance of success.

Here is the link to the article:

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Great Info, I must say 3 years this August for me with no gluten.... I would not look back... MaryF


Thanks for staying on top of the articles with great information for all!


I just bought a new bread maker and its made making bread so easy. For the first time since going GF 3.5 years ago I now get hot crunchy bread again! Only problem now is I will have to watch my weight!! Even my other half wants to eat it too 😜


thank you for the article.

I went gluten free once after my 4th miscarriage - I was so depressed, I took the Carol Vordamen 28 day detox - which excludes wheat & dairy from diet - I felt so wonderful but never continued as a way of life

I notice I am so sleepy after a sandwich lunch.....and have tried cutting out bread or moved to Bergen soya & linseed loaf which seems better. I will now concentrate on gluten free for my APS - its summer, worth a go..!


You really don't have to feel deprived on a GF diet. Many good places now sell wonderful cakes if you feel like being naughty especially in London. As I say above you can make bread in a machine which takes 5 minutes and smells divine when its cooking and you would never tell the difference. There are some excellent pasta's and pizza crusts that you can now either buy or get in many restaurants. Really, don't cut things out just adapt and you will find sticking to a GF way of live will be much easier and healthier.


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