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Medical Information App For Phone

I have an iPhone 5S and yesterday for some unknown reason it suddenly died on me. Annoying as that was, because I was forced to reinstall everything, I was also forced to upgrade to the latest IOS.

Eventually when everything was up and running I noticed this little App on the Home page with a heart on it that Id not seen before, so I pressed it. It was a Medical Health App that allows you to do all sorts of things but more importantly for me, record my medical information.

Recently there has been some posts about Medical identity bracelets etc but this does all that for you. And, more importantly it is cleverly set up so that when your phone is locked anyone who wants to look in your phone in an emergency can press the word "emergency" and gain access to all your medical information and contact details. In short instead of me paying for Medic Alert to list all of this info, I can store it in my own phone for nothing! Most Paramedics will look at someones phone to get next of kin details and identity so they will know that this exists.

Sorry this is only for people with iPhones with IOS 8 and above but hope its helpful.

Here is an easy to follow explanation on how this works and how to set it up:


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All is not lost for those with Android phones. I have an app called INR and Health Watcher which allows me to record my INR,my dose as well as BP and weight. Think there was a small charge but, though not perfect, is very helpful.

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I have this app on my phone, and when I remember I put data on it. I also have a medic alert watch.

We expect our phones to do far more these days, when I had cellulitis was grat to take piccys to show doc.

However, what then happens when battery dies, phone crashes, or like a friend of mine did and went swimming with hers, yup it died. OK i will admit I dropped mine down the loo!!

So in theory sounds a good idea but I like my medic alert as being on the lazy side dont have to think about it and dont have to do anything with it.


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