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Lupus and gestational diabetes

Hi all. I reached 27 week with clexane and aspirin but I am so stressed because my ogtt test was positive and diabetes is another risk for my baby. I knew that there is a grater risk because of APS but I didnt expected..I started a diet and I am checking my glucose level every day. I get high levels in the morning but during the day is normal. One month ago my fasting glucose was 3,9 and now I have 5, 5,2. My ha1c is 5,3%. Anybody else with gestational diabetes ??

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Hi, I never had this, but due to how ill i was with my first child... (multiple clots, but being sero negative), not told I had Hughes Syndrome/APS but treated as if I did have, luckily with that one, and the next two. However I was put on a long stay ward with lots of women who had this, - Diabetes in pregnancy only, it disappeared in all of them after pregnancy, if you are being monitored you will be fine, but please ring up the clinic you are under and tell them how stressed you feel, it is important to reduce your stress levels. I am sure others on here have had similar. MaryF

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Yes I also developed gestational diabetes during pregnancy and managed to control it with diet alone. I also found breakfast worst of my blood sugars. I could not have any cereal but found toast with eggs or sardines or ham would be fine. Also if u r using bio oil please scrub your hands as this can really effect sugar levels. It does feel like it's just one thing after another but you get more monitoring. From a couple of hours after birth my sugars returned to normal and my baby's sugars were always fine and so they only needed to test her 3 times before they were happy not to test anymore.

Good luck x


Thank you starship .

My blood sugar level after breakfast are also the higher. I change it wit low carb breakfast and it is fine. My fasting BS is always above 5 -5,1, 5,2, 5,3...

You didnt take anything sweet in your pregnancy?

I am so scared what I eat , evenn scared from banana...


I found that if I ate anything sweet along with a meal then my blood sugars were fine. I did limit any processed sugar like desert (I think I had a small portion at my grandad's birthday after a meal and it was no higher than without desert) I found bananas were fine again along with a slice of brown toast and some peanut butter. It's a case of balancing sugars against slow release carbs and protein. My meals were as follows breakfast about 7am of whole meal toast with eggs or bacon or sardines. 10am apple 12noon lunch veg soup with roast ham/beef along with a small portion of cabs so rice cake or potato in the soup. Snack about 3pm oatcakes with cottage cheese/cheese/meat. Tea about 6pm of meat lots of veg and small carbohydrate then a snack at 10pm of normally a couple of tbls of cottage cheese. I found healthy snacking kept my blood sugars more stable through the whole day. If I had 3 meals only then they were worse. So maybe try a little smaller meals but add snacks. Great news the breakfast change is helping.


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