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Ranbaxy vs. sandoz inc. hydroxychloroquine

Hi everyone, I've been on hydroxychloroquine for about six weeks and I have been feeling really good overall. The first pill was an oblong white tablet made by ranbaxy... Last week when I refilled my prescription and this one was a round white tablet made by sandoz inc. I called the pharmacist to make sure there was no difference between the two and he assured me that there was no difference.

However, since switching to the round white Sandoz brand tablet, I have significant joint pain and slight dizziness. Could this be a flare, or could the inert ingredients in the round tablet be different and causing me to experience the joint pain along with other symptoms.

Have any of you had similar experiences with a change in brand of medicine, even if the prescription is the same? If so, how do you suggest I go on from here? For instance can I suggest that they only prescribe the ranbaxy brand or do I need to speak with the rheumatologist to specify brand in the prescription?

Thanks in advance, Jen

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I cannot speak for the two drugs you mention but it is not unknown for different manufacturers preparation to vary slightly. The active ingredient may be the same but that is only a small part of a drug, there are fillers etc that may vary. I suggest you talk to your doctor or pharmacist about the problem. Good luck with it.


I had my Rheumatologist specify Plaquenil brand which now gets put on my prescription. If you don't get consultant to specify you will just get given whatever brand the pharmacy can get at the best price at that time - unless a very good gp they won't specify without it in a consultant letter. I asked for that brand because I'd seen a lot of info about differences between this and other makes. It is a round white pill.


Thanks for the response, on Monday I will call my rheumy to see if he can write a new prescription specifying brand. Thanks, Jen


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