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Can any one help with regard my results please ?


Autoimmune thyroid disease


Amaurosis fugax


Fatty liver (Non Alcoholic)

Cervical lympadenopathy !


I am aware you are not doctors but i now feel my results are consistent with Lupus & hughes........your views would be welcome.

IgM anticardiolipin positive ( this has been raised since 2011 )

C3 is high at 1.86

C4 is high at 0.45

My ALT has been raised for a few years together with a constant raised CRP.


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Hi, Do you have an APS-doctor? Do you have a diagnose of APS also?

You have thyroid problems also as it looks like. I think you should ask your doctor these questions.

I recognize Amaurosis fugax with APS. I could not see on one eye for a couple of minutes. I was operated for Hyperparatyreodosis in 2006. Too high calcium and too high PTH. I do not know if it is related to APS.

Good luck from Kerstin in Stockholm


Hello Kerstin thank you for your reply.

Do i have APS ? I am not sure as i have not had a firm diagnosis, my bloods are now coming back in that bracket. I'm taking Clopidorgrel a blood thinner & Plaquenil.

You have described exactly what happened with me with regard to the Amaurosis fugax.

Please dont quote me but i do not think the parathyroid glands are linked with APS, i have a genetic form of fact i'm seeing my consultant in Oxford tomorrow for the condition, my son also has it. Jillymo x


I have been Diagnosed with fatty Liver{ no Alcoholic }--

I can't take any of the meds for it so i have to do hydro Therapy / swimming 3 times a week with a trainer .

I also have bad muscle spasms - which makes the hydro therapy a must .

so exercise is the only thing i can do to help this Fatty Liver problem.

I am checked by way of Ultra sounds on the liver every Six months .



Well i'm not sure if i have Aps but i think i'm close to a diagnosis now that my bloods are abnormal.

Yes i get the muscle spasm thing also chronic over heating, even in cold weather !

I also have the ultra sounds done but not as often as yourself, i find it hard to loose weight since having a fatty liver.

Take care



I have started to take beetroot (raw or juiced if possible) after hearing it was good for the liver. It does seem to give me an energy boost.


Great minds think alike i have been juicing raw vegetables beetroot being one of them. x


Hi again,

I hope you do not have the Amaurosis fugax any more. Did the bloodthinner help? Tell your doctor about those eye-symptoms. They said it was micro-embolies. Tiny clots.

Good luck with a diagnose. Hope you have a good doctor that understands all these symptoms.

Keep well!



At the time of the eye problem i was put on asprin but taken off them at a later date due to them upsetting my stomach.

It is only recently i have found a good rheumy in Bath who has put me back on the blood thinner's together with the lansoprazole.

It is not easy to find a good doctor who understands such complications but i think i might be getting somewhere at has taken 'many years' to get this far.

It is strange but it was my left eye i lost the site in but a couple of weeks back i had a nasty bleed in the right eye........i took pictures of it with my mobile to show the rheumy when i next see him.

There are so many people on here seeking a diagnosis, i find it sad.

I'm 63yrs old so like yourself i have seen many consultants over the years.

Nice talking to you. Jillymo x


You are welcome Jillmo!

It is so sad that it is so difficult to find a doctor and a diagnose. Often too late also.

When we tell our symptoms on this site people with APS in different parts of the world can relate to their own problems and look for help to thin the blood.



It is always the way that only another sufferer understands the full misery of this illness.

Many on here swear by Fragmin to thin the blood i believe it is injected.

May i ask how you became hyperpara ? I mentioned to you i'm Hypopara also i suffer with an under active thyroid. Jillymo


I had an Orthopaedist because at that time around 1990 I had pain in my back and shoulder. He took a lot of bloodsamples and found 1997 that I had too high Calcium and also a bit high PTH. Several years later the hospital wanted to operate. They took away one of three parathyroidea glands (hope it is the right word).

I have only heard about you with hypopara. I do not know if it is ralated with APS. Perhaps I should cheque my thyroid. It is said to be difficult to get a correct statement though.



It seem's you have to much of what i have to little of, are you stable now one of the parathyroid glands have been removed ?

I had an overactive thyroid that has now gone under active so i'm now on thyroxine, i have got to the stage i dont know what is doing what with regard to my poor health.

I have been to see my endocrinologist in Oxford today, more bloods have been taken......i feel like a pin cushion.

Nobody is sticking there necks out to give a diagnosis of APS ! When i lost the sight in my eye it was just like someone pulling a black curtain across my eye, like you said it only lasted a short while.........i do remember feeling a little bit sick after the event. Jillymo


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