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Hi, as with any forum, at times a 'spammer' will arrive, and attempt to mail people privately. I had one myself this morning, actually not via our forum but another. If anybody at any time is contacted by somebody they do not know, wanting to communicate either by private email or via Facebook or similar, for your own best safety practice do not give out your details.

Also always report to us as Admins and or send an email to HU, up in the green help section. Although it is always appreciated if you do tell us as well as them, this way I can restrict them before they are removed by HU themselves. If anybody today has had a private message from Hub01 do not reply, and actually I had them removed in a very short space of time. Of course some or us as members do communicate outside of the site once we have got to know each other, but as a general rule keep your personal details to yourself. Also if writing a post don't add your personal contact details in. This is a very safe forum and platform and we all work hard to keep it this way. If you have any concerns always ask us. MaryF

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Well put. I had a very good phising email from Paypal but I know what to look for so was not drawn in.


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