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Changes with HU

Hi guys, hang on to your hats... we will be all moved over to the new form of the forum/site today and tomorrow, as administrators we have no choice with this, we can submit feedback which I, and Lynn, Dave and others do, but this is something we have to get used to as well as everybody else on the forum. Best wishes to everybody.

I am sure we will all work it out together over time:


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Thanks Mary

Have to say I preferred the old site where the typescript was clearer.


Ditto that. Harder to read.


ditto that as well. Harder to read and find things.


Well said Mary. Let's hope it goes more smoothly than the last time.

Dave xx


Given up feeding back comments as they seem to update this site no sooner than we get used to it! If memory serves me correctly the last time we lost connection for about a week and most of our content!! So as things go they have learnt quite a lot as we are here without too much of a song and dance plus Ive even found our pinned posts are there too :-D

My advice is click on everything and just see where it takes you..... if you end up in the wrong place go back to the green line at the top and click on "My Communities - Hughes Syndrome Forum".

After writing in a post go to the top and click on Posts which will take you back to the list of new Posts so you can read what people are writing about.


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