Off for a Little Break

Off for a Little Break

Im off for a couple of weeks of doing nothing! Heading over to the beautiful Gulf Coast Beaches of SW Florida for some Dolphin spotting and sun seeking. So forgive me if Im not about too much but dear Mary and the others will be around to help you out and answer your questions as usual.

See you all in a couple of weeks...and to take a phrase from Mary, I promise NOT to behave! :-D

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  • I just got back from there, but now I'm so exhausted, I keep falling asleep every couple of hours. If you are photosensitive--take care. I tried to cover up and use a ton of sunscreen, but still got burnt. Some things are just worth it, though. So beautiful and l loved the dolphins. Have fun.

  • Thank you I will :-)

  • Have a lovely time :)

  • I want a blow by blow account, and I hope you start off by re organizing the entire air craft. I had a fab upgrade last time I flew long haul to the USA. I was also most impressed with my eldest son's seemingly expert geographical knowledge of New York and the surrounding area. I was blissfully under the illusion that he had read and studied travel books. He only owned up on the return flight that it was from playing Grand Theft Auto for months on end, which had given him a working knowledge of the area.

    Have a great break and really enjoy yourself. See you on 14th May! MaryF x

  • Have a great time and we will look after the shop while you are away.

    Dave xx

  • How lovely, enjoy the rest and bad behaviour !

  • Looking forward to lovely holiday pictures xx

  • Like the others; Have wonderful two weeks. We are here when you return.


  • Enjoy! Listen to Jimmy Buffet and don't approach the crocs. (My tourist guide daughter, who works in Alaska, often wonders why it is that people without a camera will sensibly back away from wild bears. But people with cameras will raise one to their face and walk toward the bear, seemingly deaf to the imploring commands of their guide to retreat! ).

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