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Hi All...and Mary


I have not been around for a long while...having moved back from France where I was diagnosed with aps and sjogren's to the UK. A move I was kind of dreading medically....wondering if I would be believed and if treament would continue. Some good news for you all.....I have a wonderful GP who understands ....yesterday I saw a rheumatologist...at Guildford Royal Surrey Hospital within 10 days of referal who also was very good and helpful....so a big positive......thought it would be nice to put up some good news! Pauline xx

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Hi there, great to hear of your swift progress, as moving house can be so awful, I am just about to! Although not out of area. I am really pleased to hear all your positive news, such a weight off your mind. MaryF

Great news.

Best wishes.


All moves are challenging experiences. Congrats on making a good doctor transition and hopes that all those other transitions go well.

Gina ( who has lived in the same house for 30 years as of last month!)

Hi, glad to hear your positive results even though you were doubtful......its nice to hear...doesn't happen all the while unfortunately.....so great :-D

Take care x

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