A Little Reminder!

A Little Reminder!

I would just like to remind you all to practise safe computing when you are on this Forum. If you are contacted by Private Message (PM) by someone who asks you for your personal details - phone number, address or email address - our advice would be NOT to give these details unless you are absolutely sure you know the identity of the member you are talking to.

Please contact either an Administrator or HU by clicking on the HELP button on the top green line if you are being contacted by anyone asking for details.

If you see anything suspicious on the Forum then you can report it by clicking the "REPORT" button from within the Post itself.

If you are unsure of anything then please ask, we don't mind, its better to be safe than sorry.

Happy and safe Posting! :-D

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  • Thanks, we know that some people have met over time over this network and become friends, but we still need to take basic precautions, every forum has its share of problems at times, thanks for the above information and reminders. MaryF x

  • Thanks to our big Sisters for watching out for our well being..:-) :-) :-)

  • Thank you. Good to know just in case......


  • Thanks for heads up hunny x

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