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APS (Hughes Syndrome) Specialists in the UK

Here is a list of UK Specialist that has been compiled by the Hughes Syndrome Foundation from Patients and members who have recommended these Doctors and is on their website. Importantly they have also agreed to be on this recommended list.

If you want to be referred to an APS specialist, please look at the list to find someone who is closest to you and then either ask your GP to be referred to them or see if they will see you privately if you prefer that route and contact their private secretary.

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Good morning, I don't know if its an error with my server but clicking on the above link displays a "bad gateway" message


Sorry to hear that but I fear its your end as Ive checked it and it seems to work. If anyone else has a problem then please let me know.


could something like this be set up for those of us who live in the united states

list of names and addresses or states they practice in.


Hi the charity is UK based so at the moment provides links to those in the UK, but on here via some of us Administrators we do persist through research papers read and also via other members to try and help wherever we canm often in many different places around the world. MaryF


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