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Seeking knowledgeable doctor in North Texas

My GP and OBGYN know very little about Hughes Syndrome/APS and don't know who to refer me to. I have done my own research and have found some Hematologists at UT Southwestern in Dallas who are familiar with this disease. However, if anyone knows of a doc in the north Texas area they would recommend I would be most appreciative. I recently read Triona Holden's book "Positive Options for Antiphospholipid Syndrome" and was blown away. I have so many of the symptoms mentioned in all the case studies and NEVER knew they were related to Hughes Syndrome. I have struggled for years with low back pain, joint pain, foggy brain, memory loss, fatigue and the list goes on. I have more hope than ever hearing about how others have approached their diagnosis!

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Hi there, a few from the USA may be able to help you further in terms who is your nearest, in the meanwhile, there are some names on here, who you could contact for information, perhaps nearer to yourself. MaryF


Interesting article...but I recommend contacting the organization (the and inquiring if they have members in North Texas


Hi LucyGoose! I live in North Texas (Mansfield) too! I am also looking for a doctor who knows more about APS. Part of me just wants to go to London. Would love to chat more with you. Just ordered the book you mentioned.

I got diagnosed with APS my 37th week of pregnancy, luckily my baby had no complications.

Hope to talk to you more!


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