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Do You Want To Stop Jeremy Hunt From Closing Any Hospital He Feels Like In England? Please Sign The Petition To Stop Him Before Its Too Late

Have a look at this:

As early as next week, parliament could award health secretary Jeremy Hunt sweeping new powers to ride roughshod over local patients and doctors and close any hospital in England.

David Cameron and Nick Clegg have the power to scrap this mad plan - but so far, they've kept their distance. We need to associate this law with them asap if they're going to step in and act.

I just became one of thousands of people who've signed a petition asking Cameron and Clegg to drop this plan.

Please sign the petition now before its too late. Thank You!

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Thanks for posting....I have just signed, hopefully people will pass it on as well as signing! MaryF


Absolutely! It seems if they cant get their way via one route they simply just try sneaking it in through the back door so we don't get a choice. Did anyone know that they brought in a Gagging law just as sneakily! I thought we lived in a democracy!


Yes I signed and circulated the petition attached to that also... I have put this current petition in over 25 groups with people sharing it widely, also in some forums, and on pages! MaryF x


Thank you for sharing this. I have signed and shared on social media. Last Monday I went to Parliament to lobby a local MP to vote against this. This is so crucially important. They are angry that they lost the battle to close Lewisham so want to change the law!!!




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