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Thyroid & Autoimmune Disorders?

Hi :) Just wanted to share this information here because I thought it was interesting and may be helpful.

A friend of mine who is dealing with major thyroid issues had a doctor recommend a book called Overcoming Thyroid Disorders by David Brownstein. After reading a section of it, my friend immediately sent me a text message telling me something exciting she read and thought it would help me. She was saying that autoimmune disorders can tie into thyroid issues. The author was specifically talking about a patient with APS as well as antibody levels in her blood indicating lupus. The patient had normal tsh levels but had lab tests that showed she was having trouble converting a thyroid hormone called T4 into another thyroid hormone called T3, which is an essential process necessary for metabolism in the cells. He began to treat her with something called Armor Thyroid which is a natural desiccated thyroid hormone derived from pigs. The patient noticed immediate improvements with her symptoms and other autoimmune issues. My friend was saying that in other words, her thyroid was the root of the problem and by treating the thyroid her other problems cleared up.

My friend is seeing a holistic gynecologist about 2 hrs away from me who does extensive hormone lab tests using saliva. After I go to the APS specialist in NYC, I'm going to try and get an appointment with this other doctor to check my thyroid levels just to see if that's off too. I was really excited about all of this after talking to my friend.

Not sure if any of you heard of this before but I thought I'd share it :)

Have a blessed day,


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Hi, Professor Hughes regularly writes about the trio of disease which is Hughes, Sjogrens and Thryoid issues. Unfortunately the standard TSH test is really not good enough or the narrow parameters for the medication. The book you read is a good one, and his work is renowned, You can tell the best nutritionists regarding looking at the whole body if they have read the works of doctors such as this one! Unfortunately doctors often get into trouble when precribing Armour which works very well for many as big pharma like doctors to only recommend thyroxine, which is why there are campaigns going on around the world trying to bring about change with this culture. I have many friends who have been not properly medicated on Thyroxine and eventually become much better on Armour. However most GP's do not know about it, and also dare not prescribe it half the time. MaryF


The connection with Thyroid is well known. As is the connection with other autoimmune conditions. Once you have one you are more likely to get more and the Thyroid is a common one. Beware of being told that you have a TSH in the "normal range". What is normal for one is not for others. For instance my TSH is 0.01 in a range that is 0.27 - 4.20 so according to them I am very suppressed and out of the "normal" range but my GP and specialist agree that is ok because when they do the other tests (FT3 and FT4) Im in the correct ranges which is what is important and shows that I am converting the T3 to T4 as you mention in your post.

Please don't let any Doctor rely on a TSH result alone to tell you what your Thyroid is doing!

I think you would know if you did have a thyroid problem the symptoms are usually quite noticeable or you would know something was wrong at least.


dr brownstein is awesome. i have read several of his books and he is spot on.

i hope that your doctor visit is successful.


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