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Again in case you missed the last post - VIA Hughes Syndrome Foundation website and Facebook Page: Next Patient's Day/St Thomas' Hospital

Hughes Syndrome Foundation

We are holding our annual Patients' Day on Wednesday 14th May 2014 at St Thomas' Hospital, London. This is a unique opportunity for you to hear world renowned experts talk about the latest APS research and treatment, as well as learn about practical aspects of managing the condition from other patients.

The cost of Patients' Day is £20 for members of the Hughes Syndrome Foundation charity, to include you and a guest, and £40 for non-members.

Places are limited so please try to register as soon as you can - hope to see some of you in May


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yes and if you want to listen to last years Audio to get a flavour of what its like you can access it by going to the bottom of the "pinned posts" list on the top right of this page and clicking on the the title next to my picture.


And a big thank you to you, for doing those transcripts last year! Many on here will not have known how much hard work you did! MaryF x


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