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What does a positive anti dsdna antibody test mean?

Hi all, I have APS, coeliac, hypothyroid and fibro. I've just had a copy of my latest bloods back from. St Thomas's and my anti dsdna antibodies were raised slightly (16 range is 0-10). I know they've been raised in the past before. Is this of any significance and what does it mean if anything? I did have a v bad cold/flu at the time so could this have affected the results? (My CPR and ESR were slightly raised too, which given that I was poorly was perhaps not surprising).


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Hi it is indicative of your disease(s) and fluctuations for any activity going on, so having a virus may well have caused levels to change a bit. Tests like these are normally done from time to time to see what they show. MaryF x


Hi. I agree with Mary. Dave


Thanks for your replies! Salty, I am being seen by Prof K at St Thomas's, it was him who ordered the tests. I read that this test is very specific for lupus too. Slightly confused now!


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