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NEW FEATURE on this forum

Hi, I have just pinched this from another forum. This looks useful!

Support Centre

We wanted to draw your attention to a very handy feature of HU.

The Support Centre is accessed by clicking on 'Help' on the green bar.

You can report technical problems by clicking on 'Email Us'. This will create a form for you to fill in. You will generally receive a standard reply within a few minutes and MOST queries also receive a personal reply after the problem has been looked at by the HU Tech team.

There are also some VERY useful articles which cover some of the FAQS about HU, these include topics such as:

What is HealthUnlocked?

How to edit my profile

Asking a Question

If I experience a technical fault...

Not Receiving my HealthUnlocked Notifications

Role of a Community Administrator

and many more...

Most of these include screenshots as well as step-by-step instructions.

There are 2 relatively new features of the Support Centre of which you may not be aware...

The first is a list of known current technical problems - this is called HealthUnlocked Network Status. If you find a technical problem, it is well worth checking this section before reporting it to HU and/or Posting about it in your community, as the tech team may already be aware of the problem and be attempting to rectify it.

The second is a new function that is only being tested at the moment. This is the ability to actually chat online to a member of the Tech Team. This will only be live for a few hours a day up until the end of January while they complete the testing, but if it proves to be successful, this could become a permanent feature!


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That is very useful....even for me!!! my head has been muddy brain fog recently!! cant even concentrate to get from a-b safely!!!! xx


Oh! Must try the chat feature, that does sound good.


Good to see you back, hoping your father is on the mend and safely moved! MaryF x


Yes everything went to plan but a lot quicker than expected. X


Good, glad to hear about that. MaryF x


All sounds useful. Thanks Mary


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