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Back again

Haven't posted for a while because I was getting eye strain and headaches from close work and so very limited on using the computer etc. After seeing 3 different consultants it was discovered that my eyes don't converge properly so I have been given exercises and am waiting for an appointment with an orthoptist to try out prisms on my reading glasses. It has been very difficult not being able to read much (my main interest) or do my tapestry. But on a positive note it has been a relief to have such a reduction in my headaches and I have discovered a pleasure in audiobooks.

It doesn't appear to be Hughes related - can happen to anyone apparently but the consultant said she does find this in people with cfs.

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Hi there, glad you have had some good medical detective work going on to help with the headaches. Audio books are great! MaryF x


Thanks Mary. X


Hi, A Mary said we are pleased that you are getting some good help. Dave


Thanks. Eye exercises have helped a lot so hopefully prisms will get me reading again.


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