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My eye problem

Thanks to everyone who responded to my post asking if anyone suffers eye problems. Sorry it has to be a group reply but can only use my ipad for short periods or indeed any close work as it makes my eye sore and uncomfortable.

I certainly think mine is Hughes related as it was suggested at my last clinic visit that it is due to inflammation. I have an appointment with a consultant later today and am hoping she can come up with some solution.

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Hi have read about your eye problems. I to have so many problems with my eyes ,they are constantly sore and uncomfortable'i have seen many eye consultants who can't come up with deffinant answer I have even had to have my tear ducts removed and they are still no better a it arrives me insane even being in a cars so pain full as my eyes dry out so much .is.

I I would be very interested to hear if anyone else has these problems. I also get very pain full ulcers on my eyes which are excruciating and affect my sight .


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