DO YOU NEED AN APS SPECIALIST? - Here Is A List Of APS Specialists In The UK

Many of you ask how to find an APS Specialist in the UK. The Hughes Syndrome Foundation has compiled a Directory of Doctors in the UK which is now listed on the website. I thought it would be useful to also have it here for people to find quickly. Here is the link that will take you straight there:-

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  • Thanks for flagging that up Lynn - also, if anyone is seeing a specialist who is not listed in our directory, please let me know at the charity so I can contact them to see if we can include them. We are really struggling to find APS specialists in Yorkshire and Cornwall.

  • Hi Kate, just want to let you know that my specialist is in Yorkshire.

    It is Dr Akil at Sheffield Royal Hallamshire. You may want to contact him to add to your list of specialists.

    Kind regards Carol

  • Hi Carol - THANK YOU so much for letting me know. It's only by patients' recommendations that we can continue to add APS specialists, and I have no doubt that your information will help other patients. I've just picked up your email to the charity so will reply there too - you are so brave doing a sponsored swim, particularly with your disability :)

  • Yes, Kay's Sticky Blood is good. So is Understanding Hughes Syndrome: Case Studies, and I like Talking About Lupus: Trish Holden and Graham Hughes. All are very good, as are many other Lupus books from elsewhere, but especially from the Foundation

  • My specialist who diagnosised me in Pittsburgh, Pa. He is in the USA

    Dr. Robert Kaplan

    Oncology and Hemotology

    West Penn Hospital

    Liberty Ave

    Pittsburgh, Pa


  • Hi. I wonder if you know of any APS specialist in South East England? I live in Buckinghamshire but there is nothing listed anywhere near except Northampton, which is quite a way. I know one person said they were referred to Oxford but can't find anything for that either. Thanks

  • This is probably because people would travel to London Bridge from where you live. APS specialist are not that common in that you are going to find them in regional centres Im afraid.

  • Hi

    I have Sero negative APS which has affected my nerves. I saw that you see a neurologist, Peter Goadsby. I have chronic headaches for days. My arms & legs get cold & feel like they are going to sleep. I live in the United States & I have an appointment with Prof. Hughes in April. I want to make the best out of my trip. I am basically on my own here in the US for my treatment. Please just let me know what he speacilizes in. Please designer16

  • I have attached a link here so you can read up all about him. He is also in the USA.

  • Does anyone have any experience of the immunology dept at Frimley Park Hospital in Hampshire (possibly Surrey actually). My GP wants to refer me to them to find out what on earth is going on with me.

  • I would start a fresh Question with this request so that it has more chance of attracting attention. :-)

  • Thanks. I will do just that.

  • Is it possible to begin a directory for the US as well? That may help to open channels for sharing of information among health professionals here as well. I have found that I am largely on my own even though I live in the NY area. Looking forward to the annual meeting in London with gratitude.

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