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Is Anyone Else Having Problems Receiving Their Email Notifications For This Community?

I realised last night that I had not received any email notifications of new posts for this community for quite a few days, I have been lulled into thinking you had all gone away on holiday or having a long rest!!

I then checked the site directly only to find new activity so I have reported this to HU. You can do this by going to the Help button at the top on the green line and then looking for the appropriate section to report it under.

I, like I'm sure the rest of you, am a member of other communities here on HealthUnlocked and have received all the emails from one of those communities which is why it's strange that ours have stopped. So please if you too have the same problem, please tell HU about it so they can look into the problem.

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Thanks ApsnotFab, I was without notifications... They are back now.


Im still only getting certain ones but still not getting notified when people make comments as before and just dont have time to go directly to the site and search them out. They say they are going to fix it but Im not holding my breath.


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