Patients' Day 2013 transcript now available online

Hi All

Hope you're managing to navigate around the new site - it's still rather buggy but let's hope the techies sort things out soon.

A lot of people were asking if they could have a written copy of the transcript from our national Patients' Day and I'm pleased to say it's available to buy online at the charity website:

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  • That URL doesn't seem to lead to the transcript. Help?

  • Have you just tried copying it into the brower's URL box - a lot of things aren't working on HU at the moment and I think links might be one of them!

  • Yes, that's what I did in the first place. Just takes me to a page inviting me to attend the patient's day, and I can't see an option to download/purchase the transcript.

  • If you go to the HSF website and then to the bottom of the page there is a heading that says "Get Involved" - under that is "visit our shop", click on that and it will take you straight there.

    As for why you have to pay for it. Printers will not print and package these transcripts up for nothing. I had to barter the printer down to the price that we got and we are not making anything on it. Its actually the same as last year and considering everything has gone up he did us a favour.

    Personally I think they are really useful things to have especially the subject matter on seronegative APS and the explanations on the new anticoagulants from Prof Hunt is really useful information for a GP to have.

    There is also a lot of information this year on self testing. So please support us if you can by purchasing this or next year we might not be able to offer it again.

  • Just wanted to say thanks to you for helping the charity. The printer was really professional and, thanks to a private donation of £300, we were able to make the transcription available to everyone. Kx

  • It's probably easiest if you just click on the link on the right hand side of the main HSF website

  • Um? did not think you would have to pay for it

  • If it is like last years it is a big document. The charity could not send them out free with all the costs involved.

  • Um, why not make it a PDF?

  • If you can convert the Word document to a PDF, please let me know, as we can make that available on the website so people can either read or print it out

  • Hi Kate,

    Have sent you a message with my email - am happy to convert for you. I make drawings and presentations into pdfs all day so will be pretty quick!


  • Hi - please view the You Tube video if you want to listen for free. We have to make a nominal charge if people want the hard copy as it costs about £800 to get it transcribed and printed. You can access the free You Tube video from our website

  • I ordered and paid for mine last week, I hope it comes soon.

  • Thanks Jade - it will be winging its way to you :)

  • Thanks to the marvellous skills of Frances, we are now able to put the PDF of the Patients' Day transcript online for you to view:

    I'm sure a lot of us will benefit from Frances generosity and ability in getting this done :)

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