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How To Get About This New Site

When you first get through the signing in process which you can either do with your username or your email address and password you will land on this page. If your browser does not allow you to sign in try going to Google and type in HealthUnlocked, then navigate to HSF. If you still find you are having problems or are getting a ! or a # in the address bar empty your cache and cookies and start again.

You will land on a page which says "News Feed" and going down the page is a list of all recent activity of all the communities that you are a member of. If you have only joined HSF then it will only be HSF activity.

Along the green bar at the top is the HeathUnlocked related things. Starting from the left hand side is the Home button. This is where you are now. Next is the Communities button. If you click on the little drop down arrow this gives you the opportunity to go to any of the groups you have joined in HU. You can jump in and out of any of the Communities by going to the green bar and clicking on this drop down arrow.

Next is your Username. If you see a red light by your name this indicates you have a message. Again use the drop down box to go to your Messages, get to your Profile and make changes if you need to, change your Email preferences, go to your account settings and you log out from here too. The final tab is the Support which is a list of information from HU's Support Centre. Have a play with this bar and see what you can find.

Moving on to the HSF site. So you have gone to the Communities tab on the green line and clicked the drop down arrow and selected Hughes Syndrome Foundation. Now you will see our familiar name and our red line with our tabs on it below the green HU line that remains at the top of the screen.

Starting from the left hand side is a little House - that is this screen, the HSF home screen. Then you have the Questions tab which works just the same as it did before. Then the Posts tab. This is the old Blogs tab, as HU has replaced Blogs with Posts! Next comes Polls which is the same as before and then comes Members. This is the old Directory where you can find other members. We seem to have lost the ability to find them by A-Z but we have reported this and the limited number of name choice that comes up. Hopefully this is just another one of the bugs that will be improved on.

Next comes About Us. This is about HSF and the Admins that run this site. You can find us there and if you need to send us a message you just need to click on our names and send us the message as before.

Now I don't know if you have a little dial at the end of your red bar because I am an Admin and I do but if you do too then this is what we use to do things to help this site run smoothly.

Just a few comments about the new layout of the site. When you go into Posts or Questions you will see that instead of running down the page they are across. When you click on a particular Post or Question to read them, you will see it says "Add your response" instead of "Reply". You can also press the "Recommend" button if you like something that someone has said and if people see that a post has a lot of recommendations then members are probably more likely to read it.

You can still Report something if you think it needs reporting just like before.

On the far right of your screen you will notice that there are two knew boxes in the Posts screen. The first one is called Pinned Posts. These are posts that Admins want to keep at the top of the page so that you can find them easily.

The next box is called Browse By Category. The Admins are going to be creating some categories soon that posts will be sorted into. They will have headings so you will see easily what they are about and what are in them. This will make it easier for you to find posts about that particular subject matter.

So I think that is enough to get you started. Please don't hesitate to contact any of the Admins if you have particular problems with anything. Im sure things will settle down and you will get used to things very soon. :-)

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Thank you for doing this APsnotFab - I also found navigating in through the Hughes Syndrome Foundation Charity website itself, then in through the link to the live forum, got me in when I could not get in with the various chaos going on. Hopefully this will improve - however a good user/reader friendly write up here. Cheers. Mary F x


And thanks also from HealthUnlocked APsnotFab. Sorry for any disruption - we're working very hard on the technical teething problems and should be turning the email notifications back soon.


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