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Reminder About Tomorrows Forum Disruption

Just a reminder that the site will be out of action from around 9am to 1pm London time tomorrow. When it comes back on some things may look a little different and there will be on going things taking place during the afternoon.

Please bear with us if there are a few hiccups but Im sure you will soon start to enjoy the new features.

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are you going to be there if i need you to hold my hand so i don't get afraid ?????? you know how insecure i am with new things ???????.. i always look to you my friend. :-) :-) :-) I NEED SOME CHEERING UP BUDDY -- BAD DAY --- love your humour ------- jet from across the way


I think I will need somebody to hold my hand so its a case of "we are all in it together"! :-D

I will do my best anyway...Im just curious to see what everything is going to look like.


It will all be fine :) It's just like when they move things around in the supermarket - irritating to start with but you soon get used to it. There are some positive sounding improvements such as Categories, Recommendations and Pinning - all designed to help us find things easily so fingers crossed the change over goes well.


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