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There is good and bad news!! What would you like first?

I always like the bad news first so..... HealthUnlocked have informed us that the new version of the site will be launched on TUESDAY NEXT WEEK - thats the 9th July. Its going to mean that the site will be down for the vast majority of the day. When it comes back up you will notice some changes and Im sure there may well be a few problems so please bare with us over the following few days.

Like you, all of the Admins are also learning as we go along, as we have not had the opportunity to learn about the changes before it goes live so it is a "all in it together" situation. Please be gentle with us :-)

The good news is that there will be some nice new features in the new platform. Once we have all got our heads around them and can explain them to you easily, we will write a Blog showing you how you can make good use of all the new features.

In the meantime, enjoy this wonderful weather, use lots of sun protection, drink plenty of water and relax!

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Thanks Lynn

Dvae x


Your made me laugh with your reply to our about brain fog Dave look how you spelt your name :-)

Dont worry it's catching. Jill x Take care


Thank you for all you are doing with this. Lynn.... back on board next week, hopefully with better internet, after more tent fuss over this week-end.......'Dr Dr I think I am a camping site!' 'No you are just two tents'! etc

Mary F x


Yep im back & will look out for our new features & try to get head around them as we all will, hope you are enjoying glasto!!! Nx year maybe for me!! Xx


O boy something new for my overly callenged pea brain-- no- just kidding not the pea brain part the something new part -- great work will be appreciated .. looking forward to the new features .. Lynn take it easy on me !!!!!!!!!!--------------------------- jim



Cheers hon, I'm sure everyone will be patient and gentle with us.

Hugs n love Sheena xxxx :-) :-) :-)

Ps don't worry Jet, I'm sure we'll learn the new together xxx


Changes for the better it cant be bad......but like Jet I struggle with the pea brain thing.

Thanx Aps for the information or should I say Lynn.....nice to call you by name at last.

Jillymo X


When I first read the title I had a sense of foreboding that with the austerity program going full kilt in Britain that us Hughie Yanks were going to be excluded since we do not pay any British VAT tax toward maintaing the site. Glad that is not the case.

Biut since my paranoia raised the question -- I do feel indebted to all of you across the pond because I do not contribute anything, other then my posts (but I am not so narcissistic as to think that this "counts,") I would appreciate it if administrators could inform me how I might contribute to the site's up keep.

When I was walking the West Highland Way some years ago I again felt that I was getting something for free which others had paid for. I settled this inner guilt by picking up trash along the Way each day. (Though there were a couple of roadside walks where the amount of trash was just too much for me to deal with!)



Hello Jill,

I also want to contribute to the new site. I want to contribute to Health Unlocked. Probably I have to ask one of my daughters to help me with that .

All my clots for almost ten years (that was before starting warfarin) has done that I have missed much about internet and things like that.

I can tell you I sold my car in 2009. (had my first car in 1966). Stoped singing in a choir (been singing in choirs in school and after that always till 2003 when I could not read the notes and my balance was very bad when standing in the churchchoir..

i stoped painting. I am really good at that. Started when I was 44 years old. I stopped in 2005.

I hope to start again now after warfarin. One thing at a time.

Thank you Jill!



As you said "bare with us over the following few days" I'm glad my laptop is too old to have a camera.


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