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Recommendations about the flu vaccine?

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Anyone know if we should or should not get it? I haven't gotten the vaccine in years past, but looking for input since I have been diagnosed. Thanks.

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Hi Hilarie

As auto-immune diseases such as Lupus/APS mean that the immune system is compromised we need all the help we can get. I have had the flu vaccine every year since 1987 without any adverse reactions - I have also avoided having a bad dose of the flu during that period of time. My INRs are monitored at my GP surgery on a regular basis with follow-up appointments according to results and dose adjustments.

Like Jan I get the flu shot every year and have not had any adverse reactions.

my adage is 'prevetion is the better part of a cure'


Flu vaccine is not a live vaccine, so you should not get adverse reaction and it is better to have it, prevention is better than cure. But it is a personal decision. Get all advice you can and make an informed decision.

personnal choice I have never had the flu shot and only once had full blown flu which was about 30 years ago.

Never quite sure wether it's luck or quite what.

I have had it for last few years, I had it on Monday this week as had to delay it as I had Rituximab in October. I have never had a reaction to it.

The consultants have told me it is better to have vaccine than end up with flu which as we are immune suppressed could hit us bad. I haven't had flu except once as a child so I also think there is some luck involved.

Hope this helps

If you are in any doubt, you should speak to your specialist and ask their opinion. Nothing is without some form of risk. Some people will get a reaction, but most will not. Just as peanuts affect some people and not others.

For me, I was one of the unlucky ones as it was a combination of the Flu & Hepatitis injections, at the same time, that started my Lupus off. It was a one in 2 million chance. So at those odds, you are probably better off having the flu injection.

I too am newly dx and was worried about having it but my GP said much the same as those comments above. She recommended I not only have the Flu jab but also the Pneumonia too. A couple of paracetamol 2 hours before and then 4 hours after plus a bit of a sore arm for a day or two was all I got.

I'm going to buck the trend on here and say that I have had the flu vaccine twice now and on both occasions I had mild to medium, flu like symptoms for over a month. I have now decided not to have the vaccine again.

Best wishes.


I have never had the flu vaccine, and every year I worry about getting the flu. Last year I came into contact with a lot of people who had travelled on planes and picked up a nasty chest cough which turned into a lung infection.

I try to drink a lot of water and lemon water to help boost my immunity, last year I didnt do that. Starting now with tea and lemon!!

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My GP having seen my extreme reactions to everything, thinks I should not.. but hey ho I may surprise him yet! Mary F x


I do have the flu jab, checked with rheumy first and gp etc.

On balance took decision to have jab, cos last time I had flu I passed out at work (3 weeks into it) banged my head and ended up in A n E, then in observation ward for 4 days, off work for another 3 weeks, not nice!!!

I also have scarring on lungs and asthma so better safe than sorry,

I have had the jab for the past 17 years and very few adverse effects.

Take care gentle hugs love Sheena xxxxxxx :-) :-) :-)

My docs insists that I get a flu shot every year. I've never had any problems with it; and I've ever gotten the flu. I travel a great deal so the flu shots are doubly important.

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