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A Simple Explanation Behind That New Research

A couple of days ago I posted about some new research on Fibromyalgia, well here is a much more easy to understand layman's version. It explains how our temperature is regulated via our circulation using the analogy of a car engine radiator! What comes across to me after reading this is that this research perhaps will not just affect people with FM but with all types of chronic pain conditions, including our own.

I also think that the link with blood flow may in time also have an impact on the knowledge of other conditions and the treatment options that will eventually become available.

A really interesting read for everybody, even those without FM.

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Thanks Lynn

I started to get it in my left calf after heart surgery, then in both my legs after taking Ramipril, which I have now stopped. Unfortunately the pain and stiffness remains and my osteopath says that my muscles feel 'congested' with blood.

Best wishes.

Dave x


Thanks. That was interesting. I am glad they have found out something that will help suffers to at least get more understanding. Ann




Aps you astound me with your an FM sufferer it was a damned good read the cronic over heating I have been suffering is now explained .

I wish I could print many of your findings to show my consultant...but I have not got a printer,

I dont know if my head would figure out how to use one....I cant even do this pasteing business. :-(

I'm going to see the Rheaumy in Oxford on Friday a Prof Paul Bowness as get not seen this guys name pop up on here so will let all know my findings.

I'm still awaiting blood results from Bath due to Prof McHugh being on leave.

I went to see my endocrine in Oxford yesterday with my son as we both have Hypoparathyroidism....been going there for years why I dont know it was a complete wast of time.

Aps do you have fibro myalgia ? My head is all of a swim mind I do have inner ear issues that could be contributing.....I cant help wondering how yourself, Mary & our David can store all this knowledge when i couldn't tell you what i had for breakfast yesterday.

I read all what is being said but I cant seem to store it !! I must be Brain dead :-0

Keep up the research I love reading your posts

Jillymo x



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