It's Not All In Your Head....After All

As there are a number of our members who have also been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and some that have been sceptical with that diagnosis, I thought that this new research may be of some interest to you. Quite how this fits in with APS now I'm not sure but given that there is involvement with blood circulation in hands and feet perhaps with future research and more knowledge the interaction will become more clear.

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  • very interesting!!

  • Interesting research as always, I have added this to my website too xx

  • Great link hon,

    Hugs xxxx :-) :-) :-)

  • That's a good link. Seems to fit with all my symptoms . Seems hard to diagnose though. I have sweats night and day and get terrible pain. I get sensitivity with just touching something and have had unbearable pain that no pain killer has touched in my feet and hands. I suffer with insomnia slept 2 hour last night. And I'm on sleeping tablets and anti depressants. I wonder if St Thomas will look a bit more into this. Fingers crossed.

    Andrea x

  • Wow! When will medicine learn its real lesson? Time after time after time after time, doctors as well as social convention points to: stomach pain, heart attacks, autoimmunity, cancer, -(the list goes on) as the result of patient attitudes or bad lifestyle choices and therefore "the patient's fault.".

    Doubtless we all can and often do make such poor choices which can result in health problems. But Medicine has historically cast that net a bit too wide.

    And here it is again. no, it's. Not your fault. And no you're not making it up.

    Thanks for this.

  • Thought some of you with fibromyalgia may be interested in the following article. It is an article from a clinical journal so may seem a bit technical but it makes interesting reading.

  • Thanks for posting this link...but this is why I bang on about Myofascial Release Therapy ALL of the works and its a shame that rather than "talking therapies" and anti-depressants being thrown at patients that they dont spend the money on this therapy which not only does get rid of the physical pain but helps the mental pain too. MFR is not just good for FM but for all trigger points, muscle tension, strains, joint pain, surgery recovery or anything that could be helped by this type of massage. Find a good therapist near you and give it a go I promise it will make you feel much better.

  • Thanks for the articles! Mary F x

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