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Very confused?

What does testing positive for Lupus inhibitor twice mean? Was told have Lupus. Now have been told I've have only tested for Lupus inhibitor on two blood screens 12 weeks apart. More test are being done I seem to tick all the che k list for Lupus. Just confused and sort of happy and sad asso etching is causing pro lens for my body. Can anyone in lighten me?

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I have that same question. Hope someone can answer. Be well.



Well got a few friends on case from some research I seem to get idea that by testing for lupus inhibitor means that patients with lupus inhibitor don't always have lupus and the antibodies formation precipitates the formation of thrombosis eg blood clots I think and interferes with the phospholipids which increase adhesion and aggregation of platelets which is anti phospholipids syndrome Hughes. Apparently a small amount of people go on to develop Full blown lupus. I think this is now what the consultant was trying to tell me. I'm not sure if I've read this correct toy or understand this. But think that might b my answer unless anyone else can give some ideas? Very confusing and not easy to understand. ?


OK I know the name Lupus Anticoagulant (LA) Lupus Inhibitor is very confusing but the name has NOTHING to do with Lupus the disease. It is the name of the antibody that is for antiphospholipid syndrome. If you test positive for LA it means that you have APS NOT Lupus! If you have tested twice 12 weeks apart it means that you have passed one of the diagnostic criteria for APS (Hughes Syndrome) which requires that you have two positive tests 12 weeks apart in order to have the diagnosis.

Please look at this link from the HSF website that explains this in more detail.


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