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moving forward

well all it's been 2 weeks since i lost Mary -- it's been a hard road to walk- being evicted hasn't helped matters any. my inr's are all over the place- sugar up and down- nerves shot -- but other than that i'm ok i guess. lots of work still yet to do -only 2 weeks till i have to be totally out. may be off the site till i find a place to live and get the comp. up and running again. will miss you all.i'll try to chat again before i disapear. lost 14 pounds in a week and a half-- no the way i should be doing it.havn't been to the gym for a month now--- o well i still have you guy -- fo now any ways - sorry for the lapse in writing-i'll try to do better---AND Sheena --{ i am vaccuming } just to make Mary proud-------------------- maybe i'll live under a bridge!!!!!!!be a troll-------------------------------------- lost and lonely me :-)

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Hi Jet,

Oh hon, sending loads n loads of hugs! So sorry you're hurting so bad.

I know Mary proud of you hon, her very own vacuuming operative extraordinaire! :-) :-) :-) I know that you have the strength to get through this and so did Mary.

No trolling about now my friend, here for you, will try ring you tomorrow!

Take care big gentle hugs love Sheena xxxx :-) :-) :-)


I am so sorry to hear about your circumstances, can you put your name on a Housing Association waiting list? Have you any close friends who could put you up temporarily? It must be better than sleeping under the stars.

Oscar Wilde once said: We are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars? Your friends will help I'm sure friends will.

It will exacerbate your symptoms if you live rough..

Take care and keep warm and safe! I am sorry I do not know what else to say but thinking of you and your hour of grief.


I'm fairly new here, but I just wanted to send my deepest condolences. It sounds as though the 2 of you were very blessed to have spent so many years together.

I know the wounds are still fresh, but I hope your wounds heal in time. I will keep you in my thoughts.


Hi Jet. Really sorry to hear your news. They say life is like a roller coaster, and I guess you've just hit one big loop the loop. You sound like a fighter, so lets hope you make it to the end of the ride in style!! Not sure where your from, but could you enquire about getting sheltered housing somewhere? That way you will have people to talk to within the same building. Mary sounded like a lovely lady, and I can imagine your going to miss her loads! So sorry again for your loss. Please don't give up, keep fighting, sending warm hugs your way Sally x x


This is terrible Jet, you have so much to deal with.

I hope you will find a place to call home very soon and that it will be even better than where you are now.

Please try and let us know you are OK.

Thinking of you x Sue


So sorry to hear your news and can only echo the thoughts of everyone above. Thoughts are with you. X


Hi Jet Sorry to hear that things are so difficult for you at this time. I hope you have some support nearby. Thinking of you. x


Hi Jet,

What a position your in having lost Mary & now your home.....your emotions must be shot.

Due to your health issues It might be worth talking to the council....you may have done this already.

Declare yourself homeless thats what I did when my marriage broke down & I was forced to sell my home.

I hope when your back up on your feet & more settled you will feel the weight lift from your shoulders......we are all thinking of you......so come here & have a hug #____(((*.*)))____#

from......Jillymo x


Hi Jet,

Please, ask for help!!

If you do not have the strength just now to ask for the right help yourself try to find a kindhearted person who understands your situation.

I beg you : Do not give up!!.

I will be thinking of you and hope you get the strenght to fight.



Big hugs


Hello, I am sorry to hear about your all at once situation. Please at this time call in every favour from friends and relatives you can possibly ask for, it is a priority of the highest order that you have somewhere safe and comfortable to live, with the minimum of stress involved. Sending you my very best wishes and best vibes. Mary F x


I do hope there is a shelter up in your neck of the woods. And I hope you can find some safe and secure place to be. Have you called local churches, ministerial associations or salvation army to ask what options they know about?

I know someone who had 1 too many and ended up in a fatal car crash, which was actually caused by the other driver. But his blood alcohol level was up and so, he ended up in prison. He wanted to do turn this into some kind of positive experience so he,( an engineer) began to tutor his fellow inmates, many of whom could neither read , add, subtract, or understand what an interest rate was. His fellow inmates did learn , which prison administrators say rarely happens when the tutor is not " one of them.". He is out now, but he continues life not as an engineer, biut as a guide and tutor.

I'm not, I hope, being self centered enough to to think I have the answer to your dilemma --but I thought maybe my friends story might spark ideas for you.

Take care, ( which I know is exactly the difficult problem right now.)



Jet. Im so sorry about all you are going through. Also to hear about Mary, sending hugs and prayers to you. Im struggling financially myself, as my husband has been out of work six months and im getting letters from the bank about my mortgage :( Do try your local Catholic church, theyve been a world of support to me emotionally, spiritually and financially. God bless you...Teresa


Hello Jet...my little flipper friend :-) Im really not sure what to say to you that has not been said already and nothing is going to make you feel any better right now anyway.

Please just know that you are amongst friends even though you cant see them we all care very much about you.

Please just try and take one step at a time, one hour at a time if that is what is needed. Sometimes at the bleakest of moments when you cant see a way out, everything seems impossible, but somehow you do get through it and you will Jet as hard as it seems now. So one step at a time and only deal with today, forget tomorrow and what that might bring and suddenly when tomorrow comes, you will deal with that in the same way too.

Thinking of you xx


My dear Jet the death of a loved one, whether they are a friend, a family member or a partner is something that we can never prepare ourselves for. I know because I lost my first husband when I was 45 years old. The devastation that hits is so hard that it can almost make you feel as though you are suffocating and unable to breathe. But I’m sure you know that and you are grieving in your own unique way.

Those around you may be full of ideas about how you’re “supposed” to grieve, and how not. You may be told that grief comes in clear-cut stages and you may even be given a name for the stage you’re supposedly going through. You may hear advice like "Be strong!" or "Cheer up!" or "Get on with your life!" rather than be encouraged to allow your grief to run its natural course. It’s important for you to be clear that this is YOUR grief, NOT theirs. You’ll grieve in no one’s way but your own. One thing is clear though you do need to sort out your problems concerning accommodation.

Have you ever heard the story of “The bird on the branch"?

A tired bird was resting on a branch for support. It enjoyed the view from the branch and the safety it offered from dangerous animals. Just as it had become used to that branch and the support and safety that it offered, a strong wind started blowing and the branch started swaying back and forth, with such great intensity, that it seemed that it was going to break.

But the bird was not in the least worried for it knew two important truths. One was that even without the branch it was able to fly and thus remain safe through the power of its own two wings. The second was that there are many other branches upon which it could temporarily rest.

So I would say to you look to family, friends even acquaintances to help you with your accommodation issues. You know you need to look after yourself, especially taking into consideration all your health issues. I think you will be surprised how many people will only be too pleased to help you considering the circumstances.

Most importantly of all you are never alone. It may feel as though you are but people from this site who live in all parts of the world have you in their thoughts as I'm sure many of your close friends do. They are sending you their love and as MaryF quite rightly said some “vibes”.

When you can keep in touch with us all as we all truly want to know that you are ok.

Sending love and hugs from here InSpain xxx


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