Who Actually Voted This Man In? Yet Another Idea That Needs Stamping Out...Quickly!!

Who Actually Voted This Man In? Yet Another Idea That Needs Stamping Out...Quickly!!

Well Ive heard of some stupid ideas but this one has actually made me very annoyed.

Have a look at this:


The Conservative party is looking into limiting the number of times we are allowed to visit our GPs.

Since the NHS was created, all British citizens have had the security of being able to rely on access to our health system - whenever we need it. Limiting the number of times we can see our GP would undermine the NHS at its very foundations.

So let's send health minister Jeremy Hunt a strong message: drop this terrible idea.

Please sign the petition now:


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  • I agree fully. I have already signed and sent on to friends.

    I have posted this and some others over on the Lupus forum.


  • Done. Dx

  • Hi

    Signed it.

    Best wishes.


  • Totally agree. Signed.


  • Signed it

  • Wow, stuck for words! Not like me I know! Signed xxxxx :-) :-)

  • Signed it Julia xx

  • This is getting ridiculous! I would sign if I could, I will share it with my family in UK though xx

  • Done. x

  • The lunatics are running the asylum!

  • Thanks for putting this on here - I received the email from 38 degrees too. Absolute shocker for anyone with a long term condition - at least they have the measure of Jeremey Hunt and his sensitivity to public pressure. I will also put it on our Facebook page. Kx

  • This i has been out of facebook.. I have been pushing it everywhere via networks...awful:

    Mary Fx

  • Did it yesterday...Without his own private health insurance I bet he wouldn't be even thinking this..

  • The silly thing is that Private Health companies won't see patients for chronic Heath conditions! So if he is thinking along these lines he is even more stupid than he looks! Private Heath are only about ACUTE illness so if you have something like a knee replacement or need a planned surgery like a Gall Bladder removal which once done will not need further treatment.

    My health insurance company sent round a booklet with renewal this year reminding and explaining exactly what situations are covered and there was a big emphasis on saying that the initial consultation and treatment was covered but then you HAD to go back to the GP and the NHS you could not continue to see the consultant. Makes you wonder if they had the wind up on this JH policy and were heading it off too.

  • done & shared.


  • Signed.

    It's a shame that really sick people are being targeted along with the time wasters who turn up in Doctors Surgeries with colds!

  • Done most definatly

  • Thanks everyone for voting, it definitely made a difference....look what he tweeted this afternoon....result!! :-)

    In case being mislead by 'neutral' 38Degrees e-petition, it is NOT and WAS NEVER going to be Conservative policy to limit GP appointments.

    Hmmm, thats why he let it leak out then...... :o

  • signed yesterday. wonder how meny times his visited his gp?

  • I've signed it too - I don't care if he claims to have backtracked......this lot can't be trusted what with ATOS already doing their dirty work on most of the sick, infirm and disabled. The fact that the Health Minister / Tory Govt even THOUGHT about this at all is deeply disturbing and shows an amazing lack of basic of human decency.....and morals!

  • I Agree DataOdyssey. We have to jump on these obscene ideas before they have time to take a breath and get established. I seem to remember being told that the NHS was safe in Tory hands- well that's one they would rather forget. Not one of them is fir ti be trusted with the NHS so we have to keep an eye on them.

  • Since when do MPs have medical knowledge and know how to say how many times a person can see a GP? If a GP wants to see someone every week then a MP should but out. GPs keep lots of people out of hospital to stop bed blocking, more people would bed in hospital if there was a limit on how often you could go.

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