Jerky movements

Does any one else get keky mo vements. I dont get them all the time but when they do come they stay for quite a while getting worse and worse until they eventually go away again, I also have difficulty swallowing when the movements are here. I have read on a obscure web site that cardulite antibodies can cause them but ive never heard any body mention them. I am duie to see the nuro at the end of the month but it would be nice to have something concrete to tell him



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  • I sometimes get spasms in my left hand, like a jerk, and sometimes one in my neck. A recent bad spell of jerking legs while asleep but that was just put down to restless legs - awaiting lumbar puncture to rule out MS, if thats clear then I think everything is just going to be put down to APS. I have raynauds aswell and over on that community people have mentioned restless legs too - my jerks and spasms happen in my arms aswell though?? I think its on of the saide effects of APS and it mimics MS-I also have lockjaw and I think a few people on here have mentioned that too - could something like that be part of the swallowing problem because the lock jaw makes my swallowing difficult, hope ive helped and not gone n too much!

  • Hi Margaret,

    I get small jerking in the arm and leg but its not for long when i spoke to my GP they said it was a neuro mix up in the brain and the wrong neuro firing which was due to the stroke caused by APS


  • This sounds like a very plausable explanation! Mary F

  • My head, right shoulder , right arm jerk quite badly was told by neuro this is result of one of my strokes which effected the left side of my body and my swallowing. Was not given any medication told just something have to live with.

    sharon xx

  • Hi Margaret,

    For about two years after my stroke my right leg used to 'give way' suddenly when I was out and about. This I put down to the stroke and APS as I have read that 'st Vitus like' movements can happen with APS. They have gradually lessened until now they happen rarely. I can remember being very aware of them and quite sure that others would think there was something strange about me! got over that now, and know I am just one of many suffering from this syndrome. Hope this helps. Much love MaryH xxx

  • i have some jerks in my hands and legs sometime in my body.. havealot off problems swollowing its scares me some times dont have it all the time.. lose my balance to.. have a lot off pain in joints and mucels... take warafrin.. but still have a lot off headakes and fell soo tired some times.. everithing is so hard to do..

  • I get this periodically!

  • I get them too and they were worse and more frequent after a TIA a few weeks ago. The drs in the hospital just shrugged them off help at all.

  • Thank you all for your replies They have been very helpful. I am due to see the nuro on monday so maybe ill get some answeres then but i wont hold my breath !!!!

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