Tight Swollen Fingers

Does any one get this? For the past few weeks my fingers have been feeling really swollen and tight and the big knuckles feel stiff and sore. My rings are becoming so tight that I can't get them off and sometimes they are really digging in.

They used to slip off especially when my hands were cold but now even when they are cold they still feel tight. Any one else with this??

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  • Hi... my profile... as you know psoriatic arthropathy, sjgroens, hughes syndrome seronegative and hypoghyroidism being sucessfully treated privately by the right person, but ignored by NHS.... and of course Lupus profile, (apparently speckled ANA speckled result.

    I know we are all different but if I have a virus especially being around sore throats I come out from head to toe in psorarsis... however if I have an infection my fingers and toes go red... if left untreated my hands and feet swell up like balloons...my GP has never seen anything like it! He said perhaps antibiotics.. however it happens with or without antibiotics! the same if I have a cough which becomes an extreme irritant so anything with a bug in it which needs treatment or anything which sets of inflammation.... ie a nasty cough or lung inflammation. I basically feel totally on my own with all this really.... my extreme allergy attacks were described as sneezes a bit.! M

  • Poor You Mary! I just feel so frustrated with myself. As with Hughes and the Sjogrens it was good to have somebody say thats what I have and actually believe me. Its another thing altogether to get a blood test that shows something going on. So when I go along feeling awful and with swollen hands I feel sure that something, anything will show up on one of those tests....bloody nothing! Sorry for that little slip! grrrr

    It would just be nice to know what causes what because despite having a world renowned doctor on your side telling your GP and other Consultants what his view is you can just see their eyes rolling and their fingers drumming and the yes buts coming out of their mouth. You just want the bit of paper you can shove under their nose (preferably up it) and be able to shout at them "I told you so".

    If you are having a flare and people say oh dear what is it, I have no idea now what to say anymore! I even think my lovely GP has given up too so I don't bother her anymore.

  • Lets meet up some time and have a mutual shrieking session - I have loads of plates which need smashing! M F x

  • oh shrieking and plate smashing up for that as long as i can do it at local heamo doc please!!!!

  • hi - hughes ,p. i have swelling in feet real bad , the pad rite behind toes, will swell so bad toes of floor by .25 inch, feels like standing on tacks , just had face swelling maybe from fluid retention ?? i have a.v.n. ,also osteoarthritis- they are not quite sure just what they are going to do. i also had rash and bee sting like bumps from neck down to feet rash started dec 26 th almost completely gone now , skin fell of head and body, saw rhreuy -yesteday, complete spinal x-rays done , next emg / with elect., then avascular study. lets see where that takes me, who knows just maybe ill get some answers to this mess, ill keep in touch maybe some things may help you ??-----jet

  • Hi

    You sound just like my experience, wow, so good to not feel so alone. Having had my life saved by Prof H, I spent a year going back and forth to St T's and the prof's diagnosis being poopooed, awful, till today, saw Dr Sanna at St T's and was treated like a human being, not some neurotic time waster, what a relief, what is wrong with most Dr's?, Thank goodness my GP practice are treating me properly since the Prof's diagnosis, and i now feel more confident of my future medical care, its only taken me to get to nearly 62 yrs old!!!!, never mind, better late than never

    hope we can all get the treatment we need and deserve

  • yes to all above I may be 46 but I feel like having a tantrum! M xx tee hee etc

  • I just laughed so much at the vision of smashing plates! I must save mine up rather than dump them when they come out of the dishwasher cracked!

    Oh Dear it all started after I was doing some research for the charity and I came across this website


    I was so cross! What a scandal. I don't know why the press are ignoring it but suppose money is at the end of it like everything else. What a brave lady.

    God I am so depressed!! I think I need to go and smash a plate!

  • with you all the way HP what a bl**dy liberty as catherines Tate nan would say

  • oh sorry to answer your question my fingers swell and get hot and cold but i was told that was to do with the Raynaurds

  • i wake up most mornings with tight fingers and aches in my hand i had carpal tunnel and a nerve realise in my elbow that when they found out i had APS. told a doctor about the hand and numbness when i do my knitting and he told me not to knit to much, the fingers go numb after a few minutes but i still carry on as it good to keep your hands moving,

  • You keep knitting girl, I get the swollen hands and fingers but it's always after resting or inactivity never after knitting. All my doctors tell me that with my arthritis I should knit as often as I like as it's keeping my joints mobile and lubricated. My Rheumy tells me that its brilliant neuro therapy as it exercises my brain - great for APS he tells me.

    Love SharontheSheep x

  • becuse off hughes you get ostioarthryts.. have the same problem over thelast 8 months.. you need to get your hand xraid.. i have the same problem .. and some days my hands hurt like hell. getting so bad i drop things...

  • Hi there Hughes

    As an extra comment to the knitting one above, I always got agonisingly swollen hands and feet whenever the temperature got above 70 degrees. Over the past couple of years they have just swollen randomly regardless of the weather and when they swell it feels like the joints go stiff and the skin is going to burst open and so i run them under cold water until the pain eases or lie down with arms and legs elevated. I do have osteoarthritis in hands and feet like Claire says and constantly take anti inflamatories. My GP tells me it's one of the symptoms of my "condition" I have to live with

    Take care

    Sharon x

  • Glad i am not the only one that drops things I also find if i carry any thing to heavy my finger go numb have only just found out the C2_c6 on my spine is wearing out and on the list for physio but it a 22 week waiting list so i should get some in April this year i hope, I do keep knitting even when the finger are numb plus i make cards and have a lot of cutting out on them to do,

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