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Hi, I want to make an appointment to see Dr hughes. This may sound daft, but how did everyone else get to see him?

Did you go through your GPs or is there somewhere you can book directly? Any websites? I had a quick look through the questions, couldn't see it listed anywhere (sorry if this has been asked before!) I'm new here- having trouble getting diagnosed. Any pointers would be appreciated!


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Hello Bets

You can see him privately by phoning the London Lupus Centre and speaking to Kim, she is very helpful and will book you an appointment, I'm sure. She will tell you how much it will cost too.

Best wishes.



Yes to above, there is a bit of a wait, but well worth it, his attention to detail is worth the wait. Mary F x


Yes, please note that Prof Hughes retired from the NHS in 2006 so can only be seen on a paying basis at the private London Bridge Hospital which is owned by the American company HCA Healthcare.

The appointments can be expensive if you haven't got private insurance. There are very good doctors working within the NHS - please see our APS directory:


I was referred to Prof hughes 4 years ago by my GP and yes there was a bit of a wait > His fees are much lower than some London consultants and if you are prepared to pay then you are seeing the best person,however as kate says there are some other very good consultants available on the NHS,however he saved my life and I still see him every 6 months despite having an NHS consultant as well.


I think thats the case for many of us who were diagnosed by him and were let down by other Doctors. x


Can I ask a question Im having problems with my local Hospital at Milton Keynes and the Rhematologist was rude, condesending and pretty much sent me off in tears like I was wasting his time. A month later I have been diagnosed with Lupus and Hughes as had a blood clot in my arm and damaged my hand. I have been told to get my GP to refer me as an NHS patient to ST Thomas. Does anyone else rate St Thomas?


Hi Andrea

St Thomas' is one of the best in the world but there are other centres of excellence too. It's not a difficult trip from MK, all being well and the Haematology department is very efficient. I do encourage you to get a referral from your GP. Also, take Kate's advice above and follow her link to the Hughes website.

Warmest best wishes,



As far as I know St Thomas's Unit was the first in the country and it was then used as an example for other units when they were set up in other Hospitals not only in the UK but in other countries too.


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