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Nerve conduction studies

When I last saw my Nerologist, who thank God has said I no longer needed to see him unless I had another epileptic fit, anyway just before leaving his office I asked him if he could check out my fingers as I thought I may have some numbness on the tips of my fingers.

I had this test yesterday.I haven't been given the results yet but one thing happened on my right leg. When the equiment was put on she asked If I could feel anything, I couldn't

Now thinking about It I have been tripping a lot latetly and I thought my leg only scraped the pavement when my INR was low.

I know several others on here were mis diagnosed with MS before starting on treatment for Hughes, so could this mean that having Hughes has damaged my nerves as well, I am not suprised when things go wrong just interested to know

Karen xx

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I had these testings over the years and they said I had peripheral Neuropathy, I get a lot of dead leg and my feet are so cold - its quite complex.


Heyyyyy! My feet get so cold that it is almost impossible to get them warm again. I have to take pain killers for it. I was told it is probably rehynoids syndrome (sp?) but have never been tested. Lately the tips of my fingers on the right hand get numb and have a sense of tingling on them as well. I can feel the tingles but when I touch the fingers it is numb. Does that make sense? Do you think this might also be a part of Hughes?



Try to find a Specialist of autoimmun illnesses who has had patients like you before.

It is common to have several autoimmun illnesses at the same time as they as you know go hand in hand. We are no Doctors here and you need to talk to a Specialist about all your symptoms.

Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm


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