April is Autism awareness month!!

I wanted to let you know about autism awareness month, you may have seen more reports in the news about autism recently?

I'm a stylist for Stella & dot (a online jewellery company) and we are promoting autism awareness for the whole of April. We are selling a selective range of jewellery for autism. ALL PROCEEDS go to the national autistic society!

Check out my website stelladot.co.uk/sites/laura...

To see the autism awareness products, double click on "jewellery"

On the left of the page there should be "autism awareness" click on this to see the products. Or alternately search for "spirit bracelet" it's the autism bracelet, it's beautiful!!

Forward message onto your friends and family

I hope to raise lots of money for autism awareness! I'm doing it for my little Austin who has recently been diagnosed with mild autism.

Best wishes

Laura & My little Austin xx

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  • Dear Laura, This is fantastic! I am currently doing some work with the Aspergers Syndrome Foundation and wonder if some of your proceeds could go there too. They are a smaller charity and funding is somewhat more precarious but they do some wonderful work through young adults groups, seminars and are developing a schools training package. Their website is aspergerfoundation.org.uk/ and I know that they would be extremely grateful of any support you could give to them.


  • Hi Nikki,

    Thanks for your feed back! Yes that sounds like a great cause too, I will put forward your idea to head quarters, as they make all the decisions on charity event ideas. I usually sell the Stella and dot jewellery in people's homes. It's like a pop up shop in the comfort of your own home! So if you live in The Surrey area, we could arrange a jewellery show either at your home or school fate and I could arrange for 10% of sales to go to your charity? Let me know your thoughts and we could try to arrange some thing?

    Best wishes

    Laura Rowland

  • Thank you for putting the idea to your Head Quarters, unfortunately I do not live in or near to Surrey, somewhat North I'm afraid or I would have loved a jewellery show!

    Best wishes


  • Oh that's a shame but not too worry xx