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Is my sister autistic?

Hello, I'm new here but would like to ask for help. My sister is 40 and socaily rejected. All her life I can remember her having serious fixations on things - pop stars where she would become totally focussed and obsessed and it'd only be broken when thta person married or something became known that displeased her, then she'd drop the fixation and hate him. She gets into a hobby and it becomes the sole focus of her life, nothing else come close, always something that is solo and does not involve other people. Her obsession with music means she has over 3000 CDs and all alphabetically ordered. I put a CD back in the wrong place and she went absolutely mental, tipped them all out of the filing box and had to go through it all again getting them in exactly the right place. Books, she can't just have one book, she has to have 'everything a particular author has written' and will then try and talk to me about the topic but if I show no interest she will go mad.

In her home everything lives in see through boxes, box for shoes, box for leggings, box for clothes too small to wear, box for blets, box for gloves, etc, she isn't happy unless something goes in a box. BUT oddly enough, outside the boxes the place is a pigstye. She admits she is unable to tidy up as she cannot understand where to put things unless there is a tidy box with a lid she can put it in. Just picking a cushion off the floor, clothes on the floor, she will leave it, she is genuinely unable to work out how to be tidy and organised.

My dad calls her slovenly and can be quite cruel as he says at her age she shoudl bt sorted. But she seems to exist in her own world. She has no semblence of sexuality either, she once walked me to my car late at night because it was dark and there'd been an attack recently. When I said she didn't need to as she was only putting herself at risk walking back from my car to the house she said 'don't be stupid, who the hell is going to rape me!' as if she has no understanding of herself being a woman. She has often said she feels like an 'it''.

Many friends and family have walked away from her, they say she causes trouble with things she says, if she is contradicted or someone has put her down she can be quite vicious with writing and tellling them some home truths as she sees it. Her writing ability can cut like a knife but that in itself is a problem.....she is a regular writer to the national newspapers, she really does beleive her letters will be the ones that will make 'them sit up and take notice;

She can never go out and socialise, she upsets too many people, she misunderstands things that are being said but she's able to function okay on facebook as it's not face to face, on facebook she has lots of 'friends' who don't actually know her of course.

Is this aspie symptons or just a very difficult personality.

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I am NOT an expert but yes it does sound like your sister is an Aspie .


Yes I would say she was one of us xx


She sounds similar to myself & I have Aspergers & mild Dyspraxia. Of course, I am not an expert & not everyone who has ASD will want to recognise nor get diagnosed with it.


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