IM an aspie!

I am an aspie and it took a while to get used to the realization of this made me think a lot about my life and why things happened the way they did. I have been hurt abused used and i never understood why till i found out my oldest son was also an aspie , i had never heard of autism and once i found out what it was i was shocked it was me and the more i learned the more i knew i was an aspie , my mum thinks im pretending and doesn't believe me but that's her choice i say i know who i am. I guess the reason i post this is to the parents really don't worry to much about your aspie children just teach them well and let them live on because i an a 26 year old woman with a lot of history but i survived in my own and i have four children and a husband that loves me , we all have hard times harder for us but we can get through because i did and if you give you children the chance they will survive too xxxxx love kizzy

if you want to ask me anything then just message me x

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  • Good luck to you and your family. Kizzy...........Speckie.......

  • Thank you x

  • I am in a similar position to you, I am 38 and have 5 children. I was diagnosed 8 months ago, along with two of my children! Very well done and it is wonderful how positive you are! Good luck in your future! x

  • Thank you very much x i never thought id get this far and be slightly happy but i am and just want that for everyone x

  • hi kizzykat nice to meet you im an aspie too and proud

  • Nice to meet you too aspergersgirl xx

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