Aspie? Really?

Aspie?  Really?

I really despise the vocabulary of 2K. I came here because I think my husband may have Aspergers and I read people stating "Like, oh my gawdness, I'm a total aspie!" Ok, maybe no one worded any statements quite like that, but can we stop making things sound all cutsie and hipster-like? Please????? The term aspie makes the condition sound whimsical and fun! Well, let me tell you, it's not whimsical and fun if you're trying to learn how to deal with it. Please stop changing words by cleverly shortening them into a cutsie butsie button and stop changing every last thing into an acronym. I cannot take it anymore. Why does everyone have to be so darn clevie all the time?! It is truly annoying. Just use the darn word as it is intended, please. Thank you!

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  • That's not a nice way to talk to us, no wonder you haven't got any replies. I may have Aspergers myself, am being refereed for tests at moment . If there's one thing I am ,it is honest and direct And your attitude made me want to reply back.. Am sorry to hear your stuggling with your husband's aspergers, and the whole aspie thing! I have lots of stuggles every day too ,like a lot of these good people on this fab site, but I just get on with it, we have no other choice!.xx

  • I'm not sure if aspie makes it sound whimsical or fun. It certainly makes it less of a mouthful. That said, Asperger's is no longer in use - ASD is now being used to describe all conditions on the spectrum. When I disclose my condition (rarely), I always use ASD.

  • Hi, I think you will find that amongst the Autistic community, we prefer to use ASC. We are subject to a condition, not a disorder. Difference, not different.

  • chill pal

  • hello, I'm a six foot three bloke, about 18 stone and an ex Rugby Forward. As an Aspie, i have rarely been called 'cutsie' (in public) and i use the term with many other aspies. We shiortened it, not parents or service providers, so we own it. if you want to speak to people on the spectrum who can help with vocabulary and those pesky problems the neurotypical world presents us, try; It is a group for adult auties (that should not annoy you either) and where we help each other and provide support and real life experience for those who are newly diagnosed, or just want to be with others who know their problems.

    Try it, you might enjoy the 21st century. trust me, it is a far safer place than the 20th Century I grew up in.

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