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How do we get any diagnosis

We lived in Western Australia with our 3 children,when we asked for my son to be tested for autism/ aspergers after nearly 12 months we managed to get a appointment with a paediatrician who said he's not autistic as he doesn't tick all the boxes,sent to see physiologist,yet we still had no real label.Now back in uk and 2 years on,my child just gets on with things should I still ask for testing,I'm not happy about asking cahms.He is 12 and suffers from dyslexia so he just puts things down to his dyslexia.he had a lot of problems from birth regarding reflux,you must understand he had many tests like lactose,fructose,coliacs and a barium meal yet the reflux was still present we didn't know why.

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Hi felixmum we are currently trying to find out what is causing my 14 year old sons anxiety, I had thought he may have autistic traits, but have always been told he's just shy. I printed off an on line test for my son to complete (not proof I know but gave me an indication of whether my thinking was maybe correct), i wrote a list of incidents and traits recent and historical and went to see our dr who arranged the first visit with paediatric dr, we are now waiting on follow up. I waited to see a gp I feel comfortable with and had a double appointment, me first then my son joined. It's a long process, but my son is happier as something is happening if you have a gut feeling that there's something not quite and you think your son is struggling I'd start with your gp.


If you are concerned, I would still try to get him assessed. It is better to know than to live in doubt. CAMHS can be good or bad depending on where you live or how long the waiting list is. It might be worth calling them up and explaining the situation. If you don't feel you are getting anywhere, I would call the National Autistic Society helpline and see what they say. autism.org.uk/

My daughter, still on the waiting list to be assessed, probably has Dyslexia and definitely has reflux and constipation. She currently sees a community paediatrician (she referred my daughter for autism assessment). Does your son see a paediatrician? If not, can he be referred? Good luck and I hope you find the answers you need.


We don't see a dietitian and the last one I spoke to in Australia said she couldn't help as his diet,looked like a child's on the autistic spectrum.They were her words not mine.

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I would definitely go to your GP. Take all the information your have on your son and explain your concerns. Write them down it that helps and give him the information. If you have no luck through your GP, then ring CAMHS directly. Good luck. x


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