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Hi I'm Dawn I'm 48years old I have a son who's 25 in April who has Autism spectrum and learning disabilities and who has been living in supported independent living for a number of years but hasn't been given the care and support he's needed so life has been so hard and difficult for me especially the last 3 years fighting for my son, I'm suffering with depression and have been for quite a while, I'm not too good with and new to the modern world of IT so forgive me for any mistakes I might make

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  • I am so sorry to here this. My 11 year old son has just been diagnosed with autism after a three year battle with school and services. I was told he had Dyspraxia only to have that removed three months later. I was told he couldn't possibly be autistic only for him to score high on the assessment. I fell into depression as well. I do not like confrontation and and I felt so alone throughout the process. Understanding friends got me through. Now I am still fighting for my 8 year old daughter who is on the waiting list to be assessed. I have had to develope a harder skin and think of my children first. I am still on anti depressants after 2 years but I know I have to be strong.

    I hope you have friends and family to support you. Have you tried contacting your MP about your son's situation? That is what they are there for. Try to be strong for your son's sake. You are stronger than you know. x

  • Thankyou.😀 x

  • Hi Dawn. I can understand how difficult things can be for you. I sense from reading your post that your going through this storm alone, which makes it even worse. I've been married to my wife for 35+ years. When we first met she had two (2) young children, Tony was three (3) years old and Damion was three (3) months old. Damion was Down Syndrome. When she delivered Damion in the hospital and found out he was Down Syndrome her husband left her, yes, he literally left her while she was still in the hospital. Damion is now thirty seven (37) years old. He's been living in a group home since 2000. It took a lot of persuading but my wife will tell you today she wishes she would have done it a lot sooner. When Damion was born the specialist diagnosed him as being severely retarded and that he would never walk, talk or do anything for himself on his own that my wife would pretty much have to do everything for him for the rest of his life. Well I was a man back then that if you said it can't be done I'd set out to prove you wrong. So Damion was my lifelong challenge and I was committed, I told my wife we have nothing to lose but Damion had everything to gain, so we started. I worked a full time construction job as a crane operator but when I got home it was Damion time. Make a long story short, by the age of four (4) Damion could do pretty much everything he needed to do to be self sufficient. He walked, fed himself, dressed himself, potty trained, made his own bed. Even the instructors at the special ed school were amazed. They would test him and they would put together a program to help Damion become more independent. So they are going down this list of things that Damion needs to learn so they have my wife there and they say so we want him to dress himself, she says he knows how. Everything on their list Damion already knew how to do even the list for the following year. I'm telling you all this to say you are your son's only hope, don't give up and sometimes the doctors and specialist are not always right. Do what you can work with him will it be hard, yes, but it will be worth it.

  • Thankyou.😀, I have the upmost respect for both you and your wife, I think the word's I'm looking for are "inspirational, admiration and respect"Well-done xx

  • Yes, your story made me feel exactly the same as the last person who replied. I echo their words, you are both incredible people and yes well done.

  • Dawn I think you are doing fine and have focused on helping your son. I can totally sympathise with your situation as my son is neatly 30 and we have had some horrendous battles which impact on every aspect of our lives. Our situation is not unique I am afraid as the world is still not ready to make the changes for our children but while we are there we will try and make it happen. take care

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