Needing support?

Needing support?

A teacher has segregated my son who I took privately to be tested for dyslexia. His diagnosis was ADHD. The schools Grays testing passed him but I wasn't convinced. He's 18 and I started making enquiries into his concentration patterns and poor reading ability when he was 5, 8 then 12 years old. Told I was over reacting and boys are generally lazy.

He's been segregated by a bullying teacher at 6 th form last 2015.

I'm dyslexic spectrum myself and require an advocate. His father is in denial. But there is a distinct issue being raised at school and the Chair of Governors states she's frustrated by my readdressing issues that the bullying teachers have stated are closed and have been dealt with.

I've been to my MP.

Ofsted next.

Still nothing really done. My next move is the press. Any suggestions helpful.

Ps Neither of us are aggressive or naughty just creative and funny for which we still get penalised.

I'm studying ministry and been told I'm too colourful, flamboyant and glamorous? So confused!!! 😔

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  • I understand your sheer frustration at people ignoring you. I have been through exactly the same.

    Go to your MP .

    There will be a Petiwtion to the Scottish Parliament where numerous issues will be raised about Autism Spectrum. The purpose of this Petition is promoting awareness and formal recognition of Pathological Demand Avoidance .

    It's an absolute horror story for so many families.

    Keep a record of all your conversations. You could also approach the General Teaching Union.


    There are lots of articles on here who to complain to. You could also name and shame. Surprisingly it opens closed doors.

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