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Help with sons new flat

My son of 46 was diagnosed with autism ADHD and dyslexier only last year after a long fight his dad and I are his only carerers . He has just got his own flat close to us as we are pensioners and we need to teach him to be more independent . Can anyone tell me are there any grants available for things like funiture and white goods ,or people who can help us decorate . As we are not well off and would appreciate any help


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Have you been in contact with Autism Iniative ?


Does he claim PIP? They will help with the paperwork for that , it's tricky don't try on your own.



Apart from your local Citizens Advice and Library there may be a welfare benefits scheme you can access locally.

There are normally schemes where you can get furniture very cheaply to folks on low incomes. Again ask at your library/ Citizens advise. They may have Charities which have volunteers who offer free decorating,?

Hope this gives you a start.

Good luck to your son.

PS if you live in Scotland schemes like the Quarriers can help.


Type in free furniture into Google, sites like Gumtree often folks just want rid of good stuff quickly.

Hearing about your nightmare fight to get a diagnosis suggest you look at this? Just started last week , it's a name and shame list. My two boys were not diagnosed till 17 and 18, One will spend his life on benefits due to incompetence. So many people being failed, it's disgraceful.


If you have a few minutes to email the lady that would be great.



Since your son has been diagnosed with Dyslexia has he been tested for Dyspraxia and Dyscalculia?


Online tests here.

There is also Myres Irlen Syndrome associated with Dyslexia.

Unfortunately the special tests costing £50 are not available on NHS. The lenses cost from £130 again not available on the NHS.

The reason I am asking is because I did not realise till I was 59 I had them, it was while my boys were being tested I thought I tick that box. Just learn about things as you go along.




It's worth having the basic test if you tick a lot of the boxes.

You need to find a good registered specialist optician.


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