I have a 49 year old son whom I think has autism. I read something about a woman with a child and the child would never respond to affection. My son was the same way as an infant and a child. He would not let you cuddle him, if you kissed him on the cheek he'd wipe his face. As an adult you can't show any affection. He constantly reads something negative into anything you say and twists things around. For years when I'd tell people about the affection matter they would look at me as if I were making it up. I was so relieved when I read about this woman and her child. I can't find the article and would like to read it again. Can someone tell me where to find it or comment on what I have typed. Thank you

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  • There is a book called  The reason I jump by Naoki Higashida which is very good. It sounds very much like Asbergers. One of my sons has the issues you describe. . What you are also looking for is prediction, a major issue , such as my youngest nearly always did not do   homework, could not follow through the consequences of what would happen. Being very rigid in his thoughts, not very loving or showing emotions. Not having many friends, limited interests, very clever like mini professors in a particular subject, routines, Each case is unique, no two people with Asbergers are the same .A lot of people spend time in their rooms playing computer games. It's a case of  looking through lots of websites and a lot of reading. 

    The only way you will find out for sure is to have him tested but there is such a poor understanding of Autism , GPs , Mental  Health Services it's a post code lottery. 

  • Oh I forgot my eldest is very negative, this won't work, can't possibly do that. This is part of the anxiety , it's one of the main issues people with Autism have with depression. See if you can call into any support groups and talk to other parents/ carers . At the end of the day the choice is up to your son if he wants to find out. Good Luck.

  • Hi Maggie, I don't know of the article you're describing sorry. Have you looked at the National Autistic Society website? There's a lot of advice on there about all aspects of autism and there are links to other websites and press releases etc...

    My son has a diagnosis of autism and I always use the NAS website as my first port of call if I'm looking for information.

    Hope this helps.

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