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Poem About Autism

Poem About Autism

I put the puzzle pieces together

one by one

but I can never come up with a whole picture.

To me, they fit.

Others call me "retard".

I'm Cinderella with the wrong shoes.

My brain feels like a sponge all the time.

I'm the crust of the pizza

that everyone throws away.

Words and numbers look like worms and noodles.

But I don't mind

because when I'm happy, the sun laughs with me.

When I'm sad, the clouds cry with me.

You see, I'm never alone.

So the puzzle might look wrong to you

but to me, it's perfect.

5 Replies

Lovely poem - is it your own work ? X


That is so lovely and so accurate as to how Autism feels, you could be a poet, it would be a benefit to society if you continued with your writing, you have so much to give, x


Really good poem, did you write it?


No Chamomile i did not write just shared it! :)


Thanks Annette but i didn't write the poems i just shared it,But i can write poems when the mood takes me :)


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