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Secret Black Sheep

Secret Black Sheep

Born into an Irish Family in June Year 1967.

My Mother gave birth to me rather early understand it to be about three months I know it was a big mistake for her giving birth to me yes she has made that very clear to me as a child.

Ok let’s go back to when I remember my so called child hood let’s start at the age 7 years that when I remember most clearly.

My Mother always hated me in her mind I was nasty child always crying always doing something wrong noting I ever did was right.

I am the 2rd oldest of a family of 13 Children none were bad kids just me in my Mothers words ringing in my ears every day till taken away at the age of 8 years old.

It finally got the best of someone to get me help and save my life from the Mother of hell.

I was taken away put into a mental hospital I didn’t like it but it was not so bad it was better then been home and I was been feed washed and looked after, at home I only got feed maybe little depends what brothers or sisters left on the plate but other times I didn’t get noting the dog was much more important than me and this was a true fact even when going to school I use to look in the bins for food or even steal food from the teachers lunch boxes in the car if there car was open.

In fact in the mental hospital I was found to be under feed and a little slow in learning but not mental as my Mother had the hospital feel I was that’s why I was taken to a mental hospital,

One year on after the hospital cared for me I was given the all clear to go a boarding house to be with kids my own age and learn and do things that kids did as at home I was never treated like a child just an unwanted mistake.

I will later come back to how I was treated and what they did in the mental hospital.

But let’s move on to the first boarding house where I was taken from the mental hospital.

I was about 9 years old as I said I was little slow on every day learning for a young kid so it took me some time to catch up but I did slowly and became how a young child should be.

Few year later I was sent to another boarding house run by Nuns.

I was about 11 years old this had turned out be nightmare that would stay with me through my adult life and beyond.

This is when I did question my life and felt what had I done and to have this play on your mind as a young child is not good.

will write more later if people like to hear my true story.

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Yes,please do continue.


Hi Francesco

I have just read this post, I am so sorry this happened to you, you are not to blame, never was you was just a child, funny enough I to was brought up in an Irish family, they were good people, I did go to a school run by nuns and you will know this, they are or were the most vile excuse for a person of god, they did as you know a lot of harm to kids, made them feel like nothing, they have a lot to answer for, as for your mother, that's not your fault either,and

I'm shocked by what you went through please tell that person you will be seeing on 19 may, everything you have to release yourself from this burden you carry, nothing was your fault, Hugs sent to you Annette


Hi Annette,Thanks Sweetheart i will tell them all on Tuesday,

I hope you have a lovely day i will tell more on Tuesday what is going on.


Yes all will go well for you, hear from you Tuesday, you sound confident already Annette !!


Best wishes, I would be happy to read more if you want to write.


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