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I am from Chile, i know a little girl called Felicia, she is the daughter of my cuple. She is diagnosis in the autistic spectrum. I am just doing some review on it. From now she is 6 years old, I could say she isnt so severe . She have some communications skills, using few words, she make eye contact offently, she had low down a lot her meltdown crisis and screaming. But still has difficulty in socializing with other kids and other people instead from her mom.

I recently catched up this site autismtreatmentcenter.org/i... , and they talk about a special programm developed for autism treatment. Does anyone had heared about it? do you have any recomendations or another reviews?, i would apreciate any thoughts about it. Thnks

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Hi Stipe, I'm sorry you've not had a reply. A lot of Aspergers children and adults can seem to others to be normal. Therefore they become subject to people, stimuli and situations which will make their autistic traits to come out into the open and like my youngest son who didn't have the correct help soon enough this can make them spin out of control.

Yes, they must learn boundaries that they cannot do what they like, but allowances MUST be made for their needs to feel they have some control so that the occasions when they might scream, kick, bite can be avoided as much as possible.

I might suggest that treatments might not be helpful, in some ways they might, but side effects may be undesirable. She, Felicia, needs to go to a school specialising in bringing out the productiveness in her, not wage constant battles against what are her in - born traits, which will never go away. Let me know if you like, if this makes sense.

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